CLick my Poop Butt to find out about the Real Poop!!

A poem by Kay & Ashlak!

(for and about Jesse)

Hey you.

You smell like poo!

Thats why we tell you to shew!

Because you are such a Poop in the Butt,

But you are my moms smelly boyfriend,

And my best friends moms boyfriend,

And you are a weird Butt

And were gonna keep sayin butt,

Untill you get a Mullet,

Bullet, yeah!

Gang~Pullet off your Mullet..Big Poop Butt.

Looking at you makes us want,

To have a Poop Butt,

Because thats the Poop Buttie Life,

For me and for You,

You Big PoopButting Foo,

you make us wanna moo,

Is that okay with you?

Its been tried and true...that Mullets,

Say yes to you,

Because they like you,

You Big Pullit you!

Do you like poop it in the butt?

We do.

If you do then your a Big Mullet in,

Nut...You Big PoopButt

You smell weird.

Now were just gonna Mullet,

All night long with Sponge Bob Daddy Pants

Are you a fan?

All because we have to look at you,

With your Big Scarie Poopbuttness!

Do you like Turds?

They come from birds & nerds,

Did you know you look somewhat like a nerd?

Do you like to purr?

Our cats like to purr,

Are you a cat...that wants to get hit,

By a bat..Wanna eat a rat?

You big brat!

Or would you like a side order of

Poop in the Butt?

You big smelly Butt!

Do you like Linkin Park ? What's he singing?

Do you call them Stinkin Fart?

We hope you get lost in the dark,

And get saved by a fart.

We still think your a Poop Butt.

Yes it is true,

Very True

You BiG PooP!

Your an old smelly Dog Fart.

Gosh darnit you Poop Butt Gang.

Do you like to pick your nose?

We Do.

Check in your food,

YOu big fat poop.

We bet you didn't see it coming Butt!

Are you a hairy Poop Butt?

Do you look like Big Foot?

Or just plain big bird who lays a lot of turds,

Just like we said before,

YOur the biggest of Mullets,

You party Mullet you!

We don't know if we should cry,laugh, or just poop butt yah,

But we'll end it with this,

You big old fart,

We don't think your smart,

We know you have a heart,

Is it a Big Poop Butt one?

Enjoy your dinner.

We know we will,

Cuz we pooped in it,

Every little bit,

And we liked it,

In fact we loved it,

Leave us alone you Big Poop Butt,

And look down on your plate,

Even after you ate,

Because lookin @ you makes us laugh,


Now go away rite now rite now,

Meow baby meow,

Now go eat,

Tell us if is smells like poop,

Because we pooped in it,

You big Poop Butt you!

I hope we insulted you.

Cuz thats what theKay & Ash do to everyone,

I liked it,

Bye Poop Butt.


I am an Angel. Really I am!

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